10 July 2015


Whats your favourite travel sweet?

That's the question we're posing today so let's set the scene. You're on a long journey, a drive down the motorway, 3 or 4 hours of boredom and crap radio. Perhaps a traffic jam to add to your woes. Kids screaming in the back that they're bored. How are you going to make that journey just a little bit better, sweeter (hint!)? The answer; sweets. What would we do without a trusty sweet to take our minds off the long journey ahead?

Liquorice allsorts
Liquorice Allsorts - if only they were that big!

It's not just for the roads

A motorway journey is not the same without chewing or sucking on a sweet. Their usefulness doesn't just apply to the motorway. They play a huge role in helping people get through those moments upon takeoff and landing, you know when your ears start pop, pop, popping. Shove a sweet in and somehow all is right for a brief moment or two. 

strawberry bon bons
Strawberry Bon Bons 

What to choose?

With so much variety out there, what with different countries offering their own unique flavours the critical decision is what sweet? So here's my choices. There is no scientific background to this, just my opinion. Your's I'm sure will be different. So the answer all depends on the type of journey. For me a trusty lemon sherbet is the perfect tonic when driving. That little buzz of sherbet hitting the tongue is one of life's little pleasures. Liquorice Allsorts (see above) are great to munch on when doing shorter trips. Why are the round ones always the best? And for the plane, well you can't go wrong with a bon bon can you. Can you? 

lemon sherbets
Sherbet Lemon anyone?

What's your sweet of choice?

Where would we be without our humble sweets? Whatever your choice, one thing's for sure, they help to put the sweetness into any trip. They take your mind away from the rigours of that long drive. They help to stop the pop when flying. If you ask me, the most essential item in a suitcase other than a change of clothes has to be the sweet. 

So which sweet does it for you? Helps you through those moments of boredom on a long trip? Gives you and the kids a few seconds of peace and quiet from the complaining. "Are we there yet?"
Drop us a comment and let me know. 


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