12 July 2015

punting on the cam

Travel Diaries: 09th July - Cambridge

There are two places in Britain where punting is an essential part of any visit. In this adventure it was the River Cam in Cambridge. The other place of course (whisper it if you're in Cambridge), is in Oxford. So on a sunny Thursday we climbed or was that clambered into our punt for the hour long journey to grab a glimpse of the colleges, gardens and...other punts that Cambridge offers.

Anyone for a punt?

Do it yourself?

Yes you can, no we didn't! Well sometimes its best to leave it to the experts. In our case Knowledgeable Nic (more about our guide shortly). That's him in the picture below by the way. Why not do it yourself? Well it's more relaxing and with someone in the know with regards to punting you get further and also have their local knowledge to draw upon.

Knowledgeable Nick

There's a lot of history out there

When punting it's good to know what you're looking at, and with our punter (I assume that's what you call them?) we were certainly given an in depth overview of the various colleges, bridges and other tit-bits, all delivered in the easy going, informative manner of knowledgeable Nick (if you get the chance to go, ask for Nick, he's great Lets Go Punting). Throughout the 60 odd minutes he gave us plenty of history to get our teeth into and was always responsive when we asked stupid questions. He did ask for volunteers to try punting (I've done it before so passed this time), a couple of colleagues did and Nick was always on hand to help when they started going off course.

St John's College

All it needed was..

It turned out to be a great hour and the perfect way to enjoy one of England's most famous cities. It also helps to get your bearings if you haven't headed into the city to explore the individual colleges, shops etc. Oh and all it needed to be an absolutely perfect hour was a glass of wine (which we could have had if we'd have known).

Don't they have the same bridge in Venice?

Give it a punt

So if you happen to be visiting one of the world's great educational establishments then take the time to go for a punt. The weather helps but to catch a glimpse of Cambridges' famous colleges then there is no better way. 

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