30 July 2015

food and travel

Holidays in Eden
Holidays are about enjoying, exploring, trying out new things, finding love, having never-to-be forgotten moments, finding oneself, meeting new friends, losing old friends! Packing too much, losing your inhibitions, losing your money! Chatting, chafing! being stuck at airports, losing your way, relaxing, not relaxing, reading trash magazines and novels you'll never pick up again, buying tacky gifts, wearing clothes you'll never dare to wear at home (Hawaiian shirts anyone?), drinking too much, forgetting your passport, burning your skin, getting married (by Elvis) and of course eating!

Keeping it Fresh 
Travel should always involve trying out local cuisine and speciality dishes of the region. The joys of having fresh fish, caught that morning or a steak that is as tender as can be from a local farmer all add to travels great pleasures. In the final part of the Menorca series we're looking at some of the great choices available (and a restaurant to visit) on this island and if you're into your seafood then I hope this Sketches post will help to persuade you to visit and to think about the importance of eating locally source food and just how much food of all sorts can / will enhance your travel experience. 

From the prepared to the fresh fish of the market, Menorca is a seafood paradise

The (plaice) to be....
Menorca has some amazing seafood, as I hope the above collage shows? If it's at a restaurant or bought from the local fish mongers you really can't go wrong, its just so fresh. We here in the UK really need to eat more fresh seafood, there really is nothing better. Perhaps we should start a seafood campaign (everyone eat fresh seafood once a week #eatfresh) are you with me?

As fresh as could be

Cafe Balear
One place you really should check out is Cafe Balear in Ciutadella down in the port region. The food here is fresh and beautifully cooked. The mussels shown above were as delightful as they looked and the steak (below) was done perfectly. Both were locally produced and both reasonably priced. But a word of warning this restaurant is very popular, there were queues to get seats on the evening we went. We had arrived just before 8pm and sat right next to the water's edge, and it wasn't long thereafter that the queues started to grow. Although a big queue doesn't necessarily mean good food the majority of people there were Spanish and a local wedding party were having their evening party it seemed inside (perhaps why the queues?). It also features in guide books so they are certainly doing something right. 

Meat anyone?
It's not all about seafood, the freshness in the meat is also something worth exploring from beef to lamb there was plenty of choice and not a naff pizza in site. Cafe Balear really should be a place to visit. From a vegetarian viewpoint I can't really comment. But some of the fresh salads on view looked good and I'm sure there were vegetarian options. 

The steak was locally sourced 
Food and Travel
A good eating experience can be the difference between an amazing holiday experience or a mediocre one. If you are prepared to research, get out of the hotel, if on an all-inclusive and just go for it. There are delights aplenty and it doesn't have to break the bank either. Food and travel, the perfect combination.


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