26 July 2015

coffee and travel

Coffee or Tea?
How many of you have had a coffee today? How about when you go travelling? It seems to be a growing trend on these shores, cafes and coffee shops everywhere. Is it really becoming the drink of choice over the good old cup of tea? Sketches is exploring the great taste of coffee and how it should be part of any travelling experience. 

Cafe Viena in Cuitadella
Lately its a Latte
A latte happens to be my choice of tipple when visiting a cafe. No particular reason, just find it the nicest way to drink coffee, oh and perhaps an espresso. I find the more popular cafes in the UK, the Costa's, Neros ect a bit hit and miss. So my advice if you're visiting the UK; find a good independent cafe.  More often than not they take care in making their coffee and you'll have a much better experience. Most towns have them and don't take much seeking out. Just take the plunge and give them a go.

A good latte needs some froth
Watching the world go by
So you have your drink and what greater pleasure is there than sitting watching the world go by? It seems the older I get the more this kind of experience becomes part of my travel experiences. And when travelling in Europe it seems to be an essential requirement. What better way to understand the culture and atmosphere of a town or city than sitting in a cafe and watching the world go about its business. Watch the locals come in and greet each other like old friends. Bliss.

 Cafe in Chorleywood
Coffee and Travel

So that's how coffee and travel go together. Helping to create those special holiday moments. Although we may not have the same types of cafes and the atmosphere of our European friends, the UK is certainly producing some great cafes that have their own flavour! (sorry for the pun). Cafes with their own charm and most importantly some great coffee. Do you have a personal favourite? I would love to know. I can't say I do, although the cafe featured above in Chorleywood comes close. Happy drinking and watching.

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