29 July 2015


Travel Diaries - July 2015

If you, like me enjoy visiting little towns full of charm, have a maze of streets with surprises around every corner, quaint shops, cafes and bars then Ciutadella is for you. The islands second largest town is set on the North-West coastline about an hours drive from Mahon. Ciutadella is a charming Mediterranean town, full of colour and delights around every corner. So if you're about to visit Menorca or have been there and want to relive those memories then this photo guide of my favourite bits is for you.

The Market (Mercat)
What a joy this part of town is. Tuesday to Saturday are the days when its held. Although small it's the colours and fresh fish that will attract you, as well as seeing the many varieties of hanging meats and the smell of fresh coffee. It's also a good place to chill out with the locals in a number of bars and cafes that are close by.

Meats, cheeses and fruit at the Saturday Market

Fresh fruit and vegetables

The Port (Es Port)
Some of the best restaurants can be found here (more about one of them tomorrow), serving fresh seafood and other mediterranean fare. It has a pleasant atmosphere and you can marvel at the mix of fishing trawlers and recreational boats from tiny motorboats to the multi-millionaires yachts.

The Cathedral (Catedral de Santa Maria)
The main church is well worth a visit. For about 10 euros you can combine it with a visit to the nearby convent, Convent and Cloister of Saint Augustine (that's where the real treats can be found). The church retains a simple layout but is nevertheless interesting. The convent has some great rooms around its cloister to explore with art and artifacts to admire and there's the chapel that is all dark and mystical. 

The catedral de Santa Maria

The cloister of Saint Augustine

The Streets

One feature of Ciutadella is the narrow streets and the beautiful colours of the town houses. I'm a bit obsessed with colours at the minute and found the houses just wonderful to look at and peer inside. Especially when the doors were opened to let in the cooler evening air. I loved the fact that the locals would gather outside in their chairs and have a natter as the temperatures cooled. Seems a blissful existence to me. 

On the streets of Ciutadella
Many people coming to Menorca may never get here, although bus services do serve the town. Really they should because it's a wonderful town to visit. Walk around the streets is it's greatest joy. There are plenty of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. There was even an outdoor cinema on one evening which was projected onto the cathedral wall. It has a port and a friendly vibrant atmosphere. So please if you are visiting Menorca try to stop by here, it won't let you down.

Tomorrow in our Menorca series: Food and Travel


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