9 July 2015

bounding around berlin

East meets West
Old Journeys Through New Windows recently looked at Berlin. This sister post follows in its footsteps showing some of the familiar but also some more of the unusual parts to this wonderful city. Berlin is full of history and however tainted by tourism your visit should always incorporate visiting Check Point Charlie.The gateway between East and West. At best it should remain a symbol of what it was used for and the contrast of each side is clear to see. Certainly from a architectural point of view. As with any major attraction there are tacky tourist shops close by but that aside its still a place worth visiting.

Check Point Charlie

Close to the check point is a small museum (Mauer Museum) that looks at the history of the Berlin Wall, with stories and images and memorabilia. I found it hard to read some of the tales and look at the images like the following. That aside however it's a fascinating glimpse into this period in history.

Artwork that needs no explaining
Not your average chapel
In a strange way I always find it hard to snap away in Cathedrals! Not sure why but when you see some of the ornate paintings and alters, like this one, well I just had too.

Inside the Cathedral
At the seat of power
The Reichstag is an amazing building and I just loved the fact you could look right into the seat of power.

Looking down on Power
A time of quiet reflection

On the outskirts of Berlin is the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. Although a difficult place to visit it is a place that everyone should. You can easily spend 4 or 5 hours here and every second is worth it. The silence of all the visitors walking around the camp is something not forgotten as they pay their respects. A haunting but powerful experience.  

Entrance to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Memories of the past
Sporting History
Finally in our look at Berlin if you get the chance, a visit to the Olympic Stadium and its accompanying tour is well worth the energy. Standing looking down on the track below you feel a real sense that history was made here when Jesse Owens won gold at the 1936 Olympics.
The Olympic Stadium
So there we are, another Old Journey Through New Windows. Berlin is a city of extremes, of great celebration and dispair. I hope these photos and those from the pervious post on Berlin go some way to conveying that? Have you been? Would love to hear your tales.

Next month in our Old Journeys Through New Windows series: Shanghai


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