15 July 2015

best of sketches in travel week 2

Another Week in Planet Sketches
This week we've been travelling around a little, from Berlin to Cambridge and discussing what sweets you eat on a long journey. Oh and we've had a little look at what's it like to eat sushi. So here's the best of the week's posts on Sketches in Travel.

Who doesn't love a sweet? Maybe those that prefer chocolate! A number of sweet varieties were mentioned and...tasted in the making of this post. All in the name of research of course, click the link to find out more  Sweets 

Well sweets and sushi may not be the greatest combination, but on its own there's no knocking this Japanese favourite. We've taken a look at how to eat this most exported of crusines Sushi 



There's a lot going for this wonderful city and in our now monthly series "Old Journeys Through New Windows" we explored Berlin in two posts. If you're visiting the German capital you may want to take a peek. Berlin

The Reichstag
The Reichstag


A visit to one of the worlds most famous university cities was on the Sketches itinerary this week. Punting and eating formed much of our time there but what a great place to do it. Punting on the Cam and The Pint Shop
St Johns College
St Johns College

The passing of one week leads to another
So that's it for another week. Painting mini sketches to fuel the travel burners. Don't miss out on future posts by signing up to recieve e-mails or follow on the other social platforms available at the top of the page. Happy and safe travelling, wherever you go and be sure to share as I'd love to know where you've been or are going too.

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