8 July 2015

best of sketches in travel week 1

That was the week that was

Having recently undertaken the challenge of writing thirty blogs posts in thirty days it only seems right to look back before moving forward. The past week has seen Sketches looking at a variety of subjects, the best of which are picked here for your viewing pleasure. 

Travel Japan

Looking at some of Japan's iconic cultural buildings (Tokyo Tower), transport (Shinkansen) and food (sushi) through the drawings of a seven year old. Pictures of Japan

Travel Games: Movies

Going to the movies? Watching a boring film on DVD? Well this travel game may help to combat the bad acting or awful special effects.. Travel Games: Movies

On the Trail of the Yellow Fingernail

Sketches in Travel has been stretching its muscles into the creative writing field. The current adventure sees our detective hero searching for the missing village fete stalls. Catch up with the latest instalment and the previous posts.. Smells 

A little guide to..

This blogging adventure began with a look at an activity that can be done for free by anyone, anywhere, just look up to the sky and see..
Cloud Spotting

On board the A380 

Have you flown on the world's largest passenger aircraft? If not then what's it like too? A new series of posts giving an insights into things you may not have done but might do soon A380

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