1 July 2015

Air Travel: In the A380

Air travel is all over the media here in the UK. The decision on the next runway to be built in the South East of England has reached the next stage in its process; the reports recommendation. So will it be Heathrow or Gatwick? That remains unanswered for probably another 10 years! What will be noticeable at both these airports over the coming years is the world's large passenger jet, the A380

What's it like...
This post is the first in an ongoing series called; What's it like.... So with aviation being the dominant newsmaker for today we're going to look at the worlds biggest passenger jet and review what it's like to fly on one.
Lufthansa A380
Flying High in the Sky
So, What's it like to fly on an A380? Firstly as you approach the plane you are in awe at its size. In your mind you are thinking "How does this thing get off the ground?"  Once on board your sense of scale is confirmed, its big and don't forget it has two floors! 

So with that in mind the first thing to point out is that there is plenty of room to stretch your legs. When you decide to go for a little walk it seems never ending. Do a few circuits of this plane and you'll be fine on a long journey. Secondly you notice the ceiling is a lot higher; creates a less claustrophobic feel. Thirdly the flight is quiet and very smooth for such a huge machine. (Still at this point you are in amazement that you are flying in this behemoth). The stairway at the back of the plane confirms this and you try to take a peek, looking on in envy at the high flyer's above you in their high tech chairs, drinking champagne! The seats on our flight were reasonably comfortable, which on any long flight is probably the most important aspect, so shouldn't grumble. And there was plenty of storage space in the overhead lockers.

What's it like...to fly on the A380? I found flying in the A380 an enjoyable, enlightening experience. A little less cramped, larger windows and Lufthansa provided a good service. The real joy is in the fact that you have flown on the plane, this quiet giant of the sky. In wonder at its size and the scale of the operation to turn them around and take to the skies. Joining the many millions that have already and will continue to do so for many years to come.  

A380 at Narita Airport, bound for Frankfurt
Game Changer
This aircraft has undoubtedly changed air travel for the foreseeable future. It flies more passengers than any other aircraft, some in luxury. Is far more fuel efficient than older generation big jets and much quieter. In fact they are an engineering marvel. have you flown in this beautiful beast? Would be great to hear your thoughts. 

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