6 July 2015

A little guide to flying a kite

Lets Go Fly a Kite
With summer at its peak its all about getting outside and enjoying the natural environment on Sketches. Today its about an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, kite flying. This little guide will give you some advice and guidance on how to enjoy this hobby, whatever age. 

Flying on Dunstable Downs
Where to fly a Kite?
Before even purchasing one, finding an appropriate site is key. You need plenty of space with no overhead wires. It has to be away from low flying aircraft and somewhere that is not going to endanger other people! Being hit by a foil kite is not pleasant. A quiet part of the beach or a large grass area are ideal, especially where the wind can help give your kite lift, but not too much! 

Kiting on a Dubai beach
What Kite?
You've found your spot so what kite to fly? Well it doesn't matter to be honest as long as it flies! One, two or four line kites of all shapes and sizes are available. It just depends on how ambitious you want to be. Some advice, spend a little more on a good quality kite, do your research and you will be rewarded. The kites mainly featured here are Prism kites which are fantastic. They're not cheap, between £25 - £35. However they are beautifully built, easy to fold away and carry and are built to last. They fly wonderfully and although only a single line kite they do perform little tricks and will amuse even the most professional of kite flyers. 

The Prism Kite
Tricks and Treats
The other kite featured is a Flexifoil Big Buzz (that's me flying it). This is a two-line power kite and is great fun if you're after something a bit more challenging. You can do tricks and it will even lift you off the floor if the wind is strong enough. It folds away into a small bag and can be taken anywhere, perfect for the traveller or backpacker. I'll be doing a follow-up post on more advanced kites but for those on the go, these kites are perfect and most importantly are fun to fly.   

Why Fly a Kite?
Kite flying is a great way to relieve stress. It allows you time to think, take your mind off daily battles. It's also you against the elements and for me at least there is no greater thrill. Come on, lets go fly a kite....


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