13 July 2015

3 reason why you should visit the pint shop

A Pint in a shop

Fancy a quality pint of beer and good food? Well read on. We recently took a jaunt up to Cambridge, see yesterday's  Punting down the Cam and this was to be our culinary stop-off, The Pint Shop. It doesn't sound much like a restaurant but don't let that put you off. You're in for a treat. It's set right in the heart of Cambridge city centre (Pea's Hill to be exact), not far from the central market. Which makes it easily accessible. Always handy after a bout of touristing in the nearby colleges or punting down the river. So you're already onto a winner.

It's about the Beer

Once you've headed through the front entrance you're greeted with the bar and the drinks menu. Now if you are a lover of local brews in the ale, stout and bitter variety then you could be a while choosing. Next to the bar is a list of choices (10 beers on keg, 6 on cask). The list gives you key information such as strength, the brewery name and place and cost. Although not cheap (around £4.20 would be average) for a pint, you have to remember you are paying for a beer that is lovingly made and will taste great. There are a couple of lagers but if you're after normal pub standard lager types, forget it. Wine and spirits are also available, the wine served in decanters, not the bottle.

A pint of Oak (From Norfolk)

The Food wasn't bad either

Beer in hand it was a short wait for the food. Probably because we were a large group (19+) we had given our choices a few hours in advance. I'm sure if you were to just turn up it wouldn't be too much hassle or wait. They have a lunch and dinner menu as well as light snacks, so plenty to choose from. I plumped for the mackerel (below) and it was wonderfully cooked. Fresh and herby with a fennel salad to compliment it. Add to this the house chips and you have a tasty lunch. Spot on. Others in the group had chicken, pork or the vegetarian choices and from what I can gather not a bad word was said. There is also a children's menu and pudding (not tried; unfortunately). 

The mackerel

Three reasons to visit (just for starters!)

So why should you visit? Well here's three reasons to wet your palette or appetite or both.

1) Great choice of British made beers
2) Nicely presented and well cooked food
3) Decor is pleasant and the restaurant also displays local artists (link to their website The Pint Shop)

Meat. Bread. Beer

I can wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant for either a pit stop or is that a "pint stop", lunch or dinner. Great food, pleasant surroundings and friendly staff. Sounds about perfect to me. Bravo The Pint Shop.

The restaurant has very pleasant decor and furnishings


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