5 June 2015

Travel Diaries: Pubs

June 3rd

As May turns to June and the sun beats its warm heart on our fair islands, visiting a pub for a pint seems like an attractive idea. Now I've not actually been to a pub in the last few weeks, although hopefully that's soon to change. So this post may seem a bit contradictory but bare with me. Today Sketches in Travel discusses Country Pubs and why they are an important part of UK tourism, our culture and need to remain so.

The Bricklayers Arms in Flaunden
Country Pubs
For centuries the country pub has been the heartbeat of village life. A place to meet and discuss the issues of the day, to unwind and catch up. Today however there is a worrying trend. Many are closing down (around 31 pubs a week, which includes urban and rural pubs!) Unable to survive due to a number of reasons including, surprisingly just not being very good. 

Looking Back
I'm being nostalgic here but I remember my teenage days when we would head out to a country pub for a pint or two on a summers evening. Visiting a beautiful old building, sitting in a well tended garden, having a chat without the distraction of a phone. Do people still do that? Or are they put off by high prices and shabby interiors? Or just have other things to do? Or buy their drink from supermarket chains? Whatever the reasons pubs are closing down and we're losing a valuable part of our culture and heritage.

You can't beat a good pub sign, can you?

Pubs and Tourism
Visiting a nice country pub is a must do when visiting the UK alongside eating Fish n'chips, seeing a show, visiting Buckingham Palace etc. So for that reason we need to continue supporting them. So if you are visiting the UK soon or heading out on a trip around the isles, make sure to visit a pub. Have a beer and perhaps a peek into Britain's' past, knowing you are helping to keep these institutions alive. 

The pubs featured in the pictures above are fine examples of how to do it right. The Bricklayers Arms is a pub / restaurant, which uses local produce and has gained a good reputation for it, including a visit by Brad Pitt! Tourism needs pubs and pubs need tourism. So go on, head out and have a pint, but please make sure to drink responsibly. 

Do you agree? Let me know what you think. 


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