14 June 2015

The Plane Spotter

Rough sketch of The Plane Spotter by Gavin Darvell

There they are, at the end of runways taking registration numbers and pictures. Some are just watching them for pleasure. Others are less obvious, not wanting to be tagged as a plane spotter.  Whatever way you do it there is a bit of plane spotter in all of us, even hardened travel bloggers and travellers. Sketches in Travel has decided to delve into this much ridiculed of hobbies. So let's start with The secret spotter.

The Secret Spotter:
These are people who don't show a vested interest in planes or aviation, perhaps travel often or just don't want to be teased by their mates. However if an opportunity arises they enjoy a sneaky peek. They sit in swanky airport lounges or at the departure gate and are secretly taking a look when a plane passes their gate, or lands in the distance.They might even enjoy the buzz of an airport. People busying themselves, full of excitement before flying off to far flung places.

Ask them if it's an Airbus A320 or a Boeing Dreamliner, then they may rebuke.  Secretly though they are fully aware as they will have the planes name ingrained in their heads from their tickets or safety videos. 
On the other hand they might be people who get dragged along to the airport or airfield by someone who is keener or younger. Having to endure hours of listening to said spotter talk about the latest A380 Airbus or an airlines new livery. 

"Did you see that? Hell that's a good looking plane."
"Yes, it's a plane, wonderful." Silently in awe at the sight of these marvels of technology, secretly thinking how the hell do they get off the ground. 

On final approach into Heathrow

The Test 
They are out there, hiding. The test is to take them to an airport, stand them under a flight path (if you can) and wait until a plane zooms over their heads at 50ft. How can they not be moved by its power and dramatic design? 

Moving Forward
All spotters will have caught the bug from being taken to the airport by a family member or going on their first holiday abroad. Living under flight paths or close to smaller airfields. They get some binoculars and thus their love of spotting begins. 

Next time
We look at the more serious spotter. Are you into aviation? I would love to hear your story.


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