9 June 2015

Butterflies, Birds and Bumblebees

Travel Diaries - 06th June 

If travel is all about enlightenment, experiences and discovery then this current journey certainly fits the bill. It was a simple walk to get to the Dentists! The car was otherwise being used, bikes in repair so the only option was to walk the 4 odd miles to the Dentists chair. Was I glad I did. 

Towards the Dentist
The Chilterns are made up of rolling hills, farmland and market towns stretching the home counties on the edge of London. This walk between our village and the Market Town of Chesham takes you through ancient paths and open farmland. The older I get the more I appreciate these surroundings. This was our old stomping ground and it is truly beautiful. 

Towards the hamlet of Tylers Hill near Leyhill - The Chilterns

Unlike the other walk I featured "A Walk in the Woods" the open fields on this one make way for spectacular views. There was also a real sense of summer, what with the corn or wheat growing, the trees their deeper green and the footpaths full of brambles and stinging nettles. Wearing shorts was perhaps not advisable! 

A lone poppy
Butterflies and Bumblebees
Ok so no meeting of deers on this one but there was still plenty of wildlife to accompany our journey. Birds aplenty but most notably butterflies and bumblebees. Seeing the bumblebee was a reassuring site. They are becoming increasingly less noticeable but are incredibly important to our countryside. We must protect them and help them thrive, its that important. Plant some flowers in your garden is a good start. If we all do our part then it can only help?

Towards Chesham
Going to the dentist is never a fun experience but this walk was perfect preparation. The colours were spectacular, seeing the rolling hills of my childhood were a real joy and stopping to watch a bee or butterfly go about their work was one of those little pleasures in life. So go on get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Oh and the dentist appointment went well.....thankfully. 

Towards Chesham 

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