30 June 2015

A Little Guide to Enhancing Any Travel Experience

Day 1: 

This little guide offers you a way to enhance any travel experience. It doesn't cost a penny, requires very little effort and I promise it will enhance your adventures. May even brighten up your lunchtime and inspire you? Those that have read Sketches before know I love looking up! Whether that's to the sky or ceilings. So as part of my blog challenge where better place to start that from the top!
Of the Cirrus family during sunset
 Stuck in a traffic jam? Relaxing on a beach? On a walk? Waiting for a bus? On a long train journey?  Flying at 36,000ft? On a boat? Sitting sipping a glass of cold beer at a bar or outside a pub? Wherever you are, whatever you are doing then there is always room for some cloudspotting. Nature's artwork presented to you for free.

This little guide is really advice on how to start. So where can I find out about my Cumulus, Cirrus and Altostratus cloud types? Books and the web of course but the place to visit is The Cloud Appreciation website, Cloud Appreciation Society. The home for cloudspotters the world over. Here you will find tips and plenty of pictures from members to help you identify the sky above. Once you start to recognise the clouds you will be drawn into its spell. Unable to not look up and see what's going on above. 
A Cirrus Formation?

This little guide is asking you to look to the skies. That cloud formation is just for you, for that brief moment in time, yours and yours alone. So lets share in this passion, and together we can enjoy nature's artwork.  


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