29 May 2015

Travel Diaries - A Walk in the Woods

27th May

"You've got to take these chances we they're presented to you." Well that's what I told myself as I decided to walk the final couple of miles into work. It was a beautiful morning, the birds were singing; loudly. The trees swaying in the gentle breeze. I had a little time to spare and anything is better than walking down a concreted, busy road. So I took said opportunity with a gentle stroll through ancient woodlands on the edge of unglamourous Watford (a town North of London). I do live the wanderlust dream don't I? Saying that Whippendell Woods is an magnificent place to visit, aren't all our woods? Adventures to be had at every turn.

Whippendell Woods
Oh Deer!
One of the great joys of walking in woods is coming across the unexpected. As I was ambling my way along the footpath, I spotted a deer was standing a short distance away, to my left. We were not more than 10 feet apart (not sure what that is in metres, sorry). We stared at each other for a few brief seconds and as is typical when you want to take a picture, it bolted before I could unlock the phone (bloody nuisance this modern technology!).  

Whippendell Woods
The other great joy is the sheer loneliness of the woods. It was just me and the birds, oh and the deer. It was also a cacophony of bird song. I tried to count the number of different bird calls; five, six, seven? However many it didn't matter, it was beautiful. A moment to forget the humdrum of modern life and enjoy nature at its finest.

So heres my call...wherever you are in the world put that phone or laptop down, find your nearest woodland space, go for a walk and listen and the world may seem a happier place for awhile. 

I'd love to hear your woodland adventures. Do you like a walk in the woods? Where are your favourite woods? Let us know.


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