15 May 2015

"Plane Spotting Across the Universe" - Civil Aviation Enthusiast Society

Launch Day

You're at the airport, excited about the adventure you're about to start. There is a buzz (or frustration) amongst the many passengers awaiting the final call. For some it may be a chore, others a delight. The joy and despair of flying in equal measure. Some aren't even flying, just observing. Some seriously, others to wave families away. Whatever your situation, planes are an integral part of the travel experience.  

Well here on Sketches in Travel I have decided to start up a group that will hopefully be a platform for those that appreciate the hobby of plane spotting, whether as a casual observer or a fanatic. My inspiration comes from the brilliant Cloud Appreciation Society (I'm member 25,512). Which allows anyone to share in their passion of...clouds (funny that). So with this new community I hope to emulate, perhaps compliment them with the Civil Aviation Enthusiast Society. Am I being crazy? Please let me know. Lets tell you a little more..

On  final approach into Heathrow

The Set Up
The group is called (CAES - Civil Aviation Enthusiast Society). I'll be publishing an article once a month on my blog that will look into the world of the planespotter. Who they are, what motivates them, where to spot, photos and more. Eventually I'd like to have some guest blogs from members who have joined the community providing tips, hints, photos and their experiences and much more besides. Why me?

Some Background
I love planes, have for many years now. I enjoy being at airports and watching them arrive and take-off. Beats sitting there getting bored waiting for your flight. Although I don't take numbers (many do of course and good on them). I'm just happy to watch. I will always look up if I hear one flying overhead, curiosity getting the better of me. Wherever I've lived I've always seemed to have lived under the flightpath or near an airport. It's as if it's ingrained in me and of course I currently teach travel, so it's part of my everyday life. 

What to do next
So there (in brief) is my inspiration. If you are interested in joining then you can find the community on google+ (just type in the full name in the search section) or send me your interest to the following email - sketchesintravel@gmail.com 

You will be given a membership number to begin with and if we have enough followers some extra bits and pieces to show you are part of this community. So up, up and away we go...

The next CAES post: The Planespotter 

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