1 May 2015

Bluebells Forever

This is a post for anyone visiting the UK over the next few weeks or who has an opportunity over the Bank Holiday weekend to get outside and explore. Its a ditch London, get on a train for an hour and head into the beautiful countryside call to arms. 

This is the time of the year when our countryside is stunningly pretty. All yellows, whites, pinks, greens and purply blue. The bluebells are out and it should be celebrated. In fact we should all be celebrating their arrival. Why? Well let me tell you.

We should make our bluebells what Cherry Blossoms are to Japan. When the Sakura season starts, the people of Japan have a party and a picnic (hanami 花見 party) to celebrate their beauty and I suppose the coming of Spring. 

So why aren't we doing the same here? We just take these most beautiful of flowers for granted it seems. So Sketches in Travel is starting a # campaign #bluebellparties. Go for a walk, take a picnic if the weathers right, find a nice place to sit and enjoy the site of these most beautiful of flowers and lets celebrate them. There are plenty of woods and roadside areas that have them. But please don't pick them, leave them to be enjoyed by others.

And lets not forget that our fields are now a sea of yellow. Here in the UK we have so much to be thankful for and for any visiting tourist then this is the perfect time to come.

So forget the museums, theatres and such for a day, get a train to anywhere from Chorleywood to Chesham or Amersham (on the Metropolitan or Chiltern Line) and with a little bit of research you will find a nice walk. Many of the stations will have a designated walk close by The Chess Valley Walk being one. I promise you, you won't regret it. Of course if you're visiting other areas of the UK you will find them there as well I can only base it on the area I know. Happy picnicking. 

Remember #bluebellparties

Next Tuesday: A photo blog following up today's post. I hope you enjoy? Would love to hear from you and please share your Spring or bluebell stories. 

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