22 May 2015

5 Alternative Bank Holiday Ideas in London

Bank Holiday Ideas from Sketches in Travel

Here's my alternative Top Tips for a perfect Bank Holiday if you are anywhere near London this weekend and during the half-term beyond. 

1) Search for the London Nose - Forget the London Eye, see if you can find the London Nose. Be careful not to get run over as its in the middle of an arch supposedly made of Marble and a busy road!

2) Selfie Challenge - Everyone seems to love a selfie, right? Well why not challenge yourself and see how many famous London Landmarks you can take a selfie with in 1 hour. If you plan well you could do at least 10!Central London isn't as big as you think.

3) Play the Underground Game - Before you start, decide a start and finishing point and plan your own route without telling your partner. See who gets to the destination first (perhaps say to meet in the nearest pub - and enjoy a pint at the end). Add extra rules like having to use at least two different transport modes to get there, taking pictures to prove it. Might be fun?

4) Walk the Circle Line - Start at any station on the circle line. When we did it we started at Baker Street (cue saxophone). And walk to each station on the line until you arrive back at your original station. You'll pass many of London's famous landmarks and museums on your route. We managed the 10 mile or so trek easily within daylight hours. Stopping for lunch and a beer on the way.

5) Monopoly Board - The famous game Monopoly covers many of central London's stations and roads. Spend a couple of days playing the game and visiting each place (in order if you can). Again a great way to see London and have some fun whilst doing it.

Let me know if you try any. Would love to hear your stories and have fun!

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