7 April 2015

Travel Diaries: Traffic Jams on a Bank Holiday Monday? Never

April 6th: Colourscape

Ah the sun was shining; finally. And for the second time in three days we were once again headed up the A41. Thomas and his friends (see the last post) were a stone throws away from todays destination. This time we were bound for Waddesdon Manor (the beautiful stately home of the Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. I'll do a proper post on it one day, promise). So it seemed was everyone else, as the traffic snaked through the village and beyond. Bloody Bank Holidays! Why do people want to do the same things as us? Just so inconvenient.

Our destination this time was not to look through the house and its treasures but to visit a giant inflatable building with coloured chambers and people blowing large horns at its centre! Colourscape is only open for a few days, so was bound to be a crowd puller as the hour long queue testified. So was it worth it? Most definitely.   

You stroll through the coloured chambers wearing a coloured blanket and are taken into a world where you senses are put through their paces. One minute its bright red, the next blue, then black, green, orange and so on and so on. The chambers clashing with your blanket. Its amazing. And whilst you explore the chambers, music is bouncing off all the chamber walls, playing havoc with your senses and orientation. 

The contrast between the stately home and this are about as extreme as it can get. But what a way to spend your bank holiday. We ran around the grounds, had ice cream and looked at the Aviary. All good fun but Colourscape will live in the memory for much much longer. Traffic Jams, a minor blip, thankfully.

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