5 April 2015

Travel Diaries: In Search of the Easter Bunny

These are the diary entries of a holidaying travel teacher who has to keep the kids entertained . Slightly exaggerated for entertainment purposes but still with a hint towards the wonderful things to do in the UK, whatever the weather - enjoy!

April 3rd & 4th - Thomas and his Friends  
The Night Before:
This was suppose to be my birthday treat but in reality it was for the kids. London was a no go. Thanks rail networks for completely shutting off all routes to the capital! Over the Easter weekend too, pathetic. 

So a trawl through the internet gave us the option of "A Day with Thomas" at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in Quainton. After a few minutes of debating whether it was worth giving it a go or not. We decided that it was.
The Next Morning:
Weather was crap as always; gray skies, but no sight of rain, and upon arrival discovered the wind was adding its usual chill factor to the rubbish temperatures. It's Spring now, please warm up!

As it turned out the day was a lot of fun. A ride on Thomas and Percy, and a minature railway. Couldn't get a forth ride in as there wasn't one. Add to that the joys of battling hordes of families trying to find a miniscal spot to eat their packed lunch, the four of us had to share a small bench.  

Note: There is something very British about eating a packed lunch and drinking from a flask whatever the weather in whatever place you can find. We do that well us Brits.

Anyhow a bit of face painting, a meeting with the Thin Controller (not the fat) and chasing the kids around the museum helped to pass the time. Oh, and there were a few trains and carriages to look at. So if you just happen to be passing near Aylesbury and fancy a bit of railway nostalgia, then please pay it a visit. A successful start to the two weeks ahead. Anyone for a sandwich?


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