10 April 2015

Science Museum

Travel Diaries: April 9th - In the Labyrinth of London

Weather remained nice so we decided to go to a museum! Where's the logic in that? We don't get great weather that much here and when we do we go indoors! I did try to change our destination but to no avail. So after enduring the typical scramble for seats on a train where you're paying far more than perhaps you should be. Although in saying that I did nod off for a bit and felt very comfortable upon arrival into Marylebone station. We got the less comfortable tube train on the way back, without finding a seat. So one journey out of two wasn't bad I suppose. 

Our first port of call was The Science Museum, that was after some deliberation about which museum we were going to visit. There are three to choose from in less than a stones throw from each other, (V&A and Natural History) but science won the day. 

Now I have a bit of an issue with this museum, it's not that I don't like it, I do. It's just that I find it all a bit messy and as the title of today's post suggests a bit of a labyrinth. There doesn't seem to be a logical way to go around it? Is anyone with me on this? Bits here, bits over there. It's just not as visitor friendly as say The British Museum, which has some logic to the route you take through its corridors. That being said we managed to negotiate its halls well enough to try out a few things and learn something new. And it's free, one of London's great assets; our free national museums. 

So if a visit to a museum wasn't enough we then walked around Londons crowded centre and number one toyshop, Hamleys. We also had a coffee outside the BBC. Highly recommend that. Its not hard to find, look up Regent Street at the junction of Oxford Street and you will see it. Caffe Nero is next to the entrance and you can enjoy a game of spot the celebrity. 

We're heading to London again next week for week two of our holidays but will be doing something completely different. What is for certain is that I'm sure we're have to find our way through the labyrinth that is the underground. Bring it on. Until the next time, happy museuming...


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