19 April 2015

Travel Diaries - Hobbit Holes

April 15th - London (again)

Something's not right, its over 24 degrees, it feels like summer, I'm wearing shorts (that's it now with me and jeans until the Autumn) and we're heading once again on the tube up to London. My task is to keep a 3 year old amused whilst the others head off and enjoy a movie. Now that's easier said than done but when the weather is nice it makes your decisions on what to do a little easier.

So onto the South Bank. My favourite part of London. Many will disagree of course but how many other places have purpose built "hobbit holes" for the kids to play on whilst the adults have a quick break? Right next door to Festival Hall is this little sanctuary for the kids to play on. Grab a coffee and sit back whilst they little ones run around and pretend to be hobbits or whatever they decide to be. Yes it needs a lick of paint but its a gem of a distraction. And you get some good views of the south bank and London Eye to boot. We headed to the park after that and enjoyed the open spaces.

The Colourful Underground

Have I ever mentioned I like the tube? Well lets do a consider this feature. Have you ever noticed how colourful the underground is? Check it out the next time you walk through the tunnels or sit on one of the newer tube trains. Individual stations seem to have different colours and patterns as do the different train lines. I've lived, worked and visited London for (thousands of years!) and never really noticed it; why would I you may ask. It actually makes the stations look rather pretty. Not something you associate with the underground. So here's a challenge. Post some of the colours and patterns you see in the comments and lets build up a collage. Colourful Underground; who knew? 

As this is the final Travel Diaries for awhile (they will return in the summer), I wanted to highlight the places featured over the past few weeks. I hope you've found these posts interesting, fun and informative? Please let me know.

Places featured: Caffe Nero at the BBC
Dunstable Downs
Waddesdon Manor
Quainton - Bucks Railway Centre
The Science Museum
The South Bank 
The Underground


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