3 April 2015

For the love of Trees

With Easter upon us and Spring now well and truly sprung, it felt right to unleash this post now. Easter is a great time to go for a walk or stroll and this post is to celebrate our trees, and why for me they help to make a simple walk so much more pleasurable. 

At this time of year nature is starting to awaken from the harsh winter and now is the perfect season for watching the wildlife and admiring the views and clouds, (see my very first post for that; look up to the sky and see). So let's add to that the wonder of trees. There is something magical about observing trees, climbing them (responsibly) and photographing them in their various guises. They help to shape our landscape and give character to our cities. I also think that here in the UK we are very lucky to have so many.

I would love to hear the stories they could tell about the people that have walked close to them, climbed them and rested upon them. How the landscape has changed around them and the endless changes in weather they have had to endure. The joy for me comes from sketching or photographing them and looking at them whilst enjoying the fresh air. These pictures were taken during the cold winter days; though not beautiful in colour, they still offered interesting imagery. I hope you agree? I seem to love nature more the older I become and looking at trees is becoming an important element to my overall enjoyment of any walk or journey; along with clouds and birds. 

So the next time you take a walk in a wood, forest or city centre park for that matter, make sure to look at the trees. I promise you they will add to the experience. They can turn a mundane walk into something more interesting. You may even want to find out what type they are and when they are at their most beautiful. If you are visiting the UK during the Spring, then make sure to have a look, you will find London and many of our towns and cities and villages have plenty to offer and admire. For the love of trees.  


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