27 March 2015

the second tower - the burj khalifa

The Burj Khalifa
Up the world's tallest building
Its not often that you get the chance to go up two of the Worlds tallest structures within a short space of time, is it? Three months in my case. So having looked down upon the world from Tokyo Skytree I've now done the same from The Burj Khalifa. So in this post we take a look at Dubai's most iconic structure.

The hourly fountain show at the foot of the building
Tokyo SkyTree vs The Burj Khalifa
Lets be clear here, they are very different structures, ones a skyscraper for starters, the other's a tower. So the feeling you have at the viewing platforms are quite different. With Skytree you don't step outside (see my old post Up the Worlds Tallest Tree), whereas The Burj Khalifa you do, with thick glass your only protection. Which feels safer? I'll let you decide. For me? Strangely the tower, perhaps its the fact you are enclosed that helps? There is no disputing that The Burj Khalifa is ridiculously high. To the point of giddiness when looking up to its tip from the 124th floor! Yep you're not even at the top when you visit At the Top!? 

So is it worth a visit? Of course it is and should be on any itinerary when visiting Dubai. The only real decision to make is whether to go up during daylight hours or at night? It's cheaper to go at night, so being on a budget our decision was easily made and my thoughts can only be based on this. 

We pre-booked our tickets and that's probably a good thing to do when observing the queues. However as with anything pre-booked you are reliant on the weather, even in Dubai. When we visited there was a smoggy feel to the dusky skies. Luckily that didn't spoil the view; which was still pretty good. The telescopes dotted around the viewing platform are a real help, showing you how it looked before everything was built, daylight images and also live images. And they were free! Now that is unusual.

Night views 
OverviewBut here's my problem and this could apply when visiting day or night. Dubai is a fabulous city but its no Hong Kong, Tokyo or even Shanghai and New York for that matter....yet. It's still in development, so although the skyscrapers are amazing it just doesn't quite have that "wow" factor, for now at least. Perhaps in 5 or 10 years it will when more of the desert is reclaimed and developed on. A slightly sour note, well yes but its worth remembering where Dubai once was and also where its going. I have no doubt that as the city develops further and the skyline changes then the view will become ever more spectacular. So as a high building experience it's exciting enough; fast lifts, friendly staff, useful information, good views and prestige of having visited the worlds tallest building. All for a reasonable price as well.  

So give it a try and join the growing numbers of people who have been to the top of the world. If you have been I'd love to hear from you. Click on any of the social media buttons at the top of the page.  

As a sub note make you experience even more memorable by watching the fountain show at its base. It operates every hour and is especially nice during the evening. 

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