21 March 2015

Tea, Towers and Spices

As a follow up to the previous Sketches in Travel Dubai post; Souks and Shops it felt right to do a photo blog looking at the old district that much of that post featured. Leaving the bright lights and modern structures to more sedate and authentic surroundings. These pictures cover the Bur Dubai area where the rather excellent Arabian Tea House Cafe (please visit) is situated and across the river in the Deira region (Spice and Gold Souks). The picture I've included of the boats is to me far more interesting and also such a contrast to the millionaires yachts found in the Dubai Marina. Colourful, picturesque and genuine? The real Dubai? I'll let you decide.

The worlds most out of place bin?

The Bur Dubai district

The excellent Arabian Tea House Cafe

On the river

At the Spice Souk


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