1 December 2014

Musical London

If you get the chance to visit London this Christmas then this might be the post for you? We live in an age where music is now so easily assessable that we can even buy it on the move and play it instantly without the need to visit a record shop (unfortunately, but that's a blog post for another day). So how about adding some extra spice to your movements around the capital with a little musical game? The following songs relate to parts of London or to areas around London. So go and visit the areas and stick these tunes on as you do (or others that you may find). I bet you start singing the lyrics, strumming an air guitar or even doing the Lambeth Walk!?

Last Train to London by ELO - a song for your journey home? 

London Calling by The Clash - a song for those moments on the tube when all the commotion around you is sending your head dizzy! 

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty - could do some air sax whilst you visit the home of Sherlock Holmes.

West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys - play this as you walk down Oxford Street. 

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks - find the nearest bridge to Waterloo and watch the sun setting. 

And one for the folk aficionados amongst you:

Streets of London by Ralph McTell 

Bonus song - Heartland by THE THE - surely the greatest song about London? But could so easily be about many of the UK's cities. Should be played whilst walking down the South Bank as you look towards the city of London. 

And there are many more, so please comment and add your own in. Also how about other cities around the globe? New York has many as I'm sure does Paris. Although another unusual travel post I hope it at least makes you think about the relationship between our major cities and the music that influences them. Happy listening.

Coming soon.....The five cities Wintertour 2014 (a series of traditional style travel posts on my latest adventure to Japan) 


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