19 December 2014

Japan Wintertour 2014 - An introduction

Welcome to my latest adventure to the land of the rising sun. Japan is a place I am very familiar with having lived there and been back more times than I can count.  This time though is the first time I have a blog, so hopefully I can share some of these experiences with you. With the way I look at travel it sometimes may not be a typical post but I will endeavour to give you an insight into this fascinating country through my eyes. I will do some reviews and give impressions of places I'll be visiting, some famous, others not so. And I will do food opinions and other bits and pieces. So I hope you will enjoy? As you can see from the image below I've been turned into a manga character. Certainly makes me look a little younger and with less grey hair! So let's get this ball rolling, first up will be the next part in my journey posts (see old post about trip to work). So SAS how do you compare with some of the other airlines we've used in the past?

Thanks to Drew Comika for the picture 

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