15 November 2014

The Journey - a pictorial look at journeys we make.

Its a journey most of us make each and every day. For some its train or maybe even plane? For others its car or tube or bike or a hike (sorry getting a little poetic!). Have you ever taken a moment to actually look at your surroundings as you journey to and from work or school every morning and night? Well as a first in a series of journey posts I thought I'd share my journey. I'm fortunate or unfortunate depending on your opinion to be able to cycle to work. So here it is, from picturesque commons and woods to forgotten icons of years gone by, across the car park known as the M25 and the engineering marvel that is the Grand Union Canal. I feel rather blessed that each day I see these changing landscapes. So please, next week as you leave the house on a dark and misty morning, take a moment to look at your surroundings, you might just notice something you hadn't before!

From commons
to objects of the past

From the chaos of the M25
 to the tranquillity of the trees
and the peaceful nature of the Grand Union Canal

Footnote: I would love to hear about your journeys so please leave a comment, it would be appreciated. 


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