16 October 2014

The other sides of summer

Autumn, (fall) and spring; those special times in the year when the vibrant colours appear, and the joy of walking is more special than perhaps at any other occasion. What joy it can bring to a gentle stroll in a park or wooded area. What displeasure though with the onset of April showers and Autumns rain and wind, which is what Autumn in the UK is currently throwing at us. What greater pleasure is there than a walk amongst the bluebells on a crisp spring morning? Or the kicking of leaves when Autumn descends? The following pictures I hope give some impression of the joys these seasons bring?

I am very fortunate to live in a rural part of the UK; on the edge of the Chiltern hills. A place where these delights are all too familiar. For some though are not so fortunate and from a travelling perspective I implore those who can to visit your local wood, country park or National Park and take in the sites, colours and smells that these seasons can offer. It will invigorate and inspire.

These are the perfect seasons to head out before the dark days of winter take hold or the hot days of summer rear their heads. So go for it, rain or shine, lets celebrate the joys of the seasons and the opportunities to get some much needed fresh air. Happy walking and please share your pictures of these most colourful of seasons.

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