17 November 2017

a walk through the streets of london


This week we have a guest post, from an old friend from Germany, who currently resides in Finland. (Sorry for the 'old' Frauke, but we have known each other for some 20 years!) Back in the late days of September, Frauke, for that is her name, visited London for the 100th time! She loves it here. That's also her on the steps of the monument to the fire of London, (see below). I wanted to get her perspective of the city, so this is her tail. Frauke, over to you...

Frauke - Photo Courtesy of Neil Rees


27 October 2017

ordinary england


We're always one to try something new! After our successful Travel Trumps and Beyond The Back Garden series, we welcome a new addition to the family - Ordinary England

Starting out on our Instagram account, we now bring it to the Sketches platform. Short stories looking at the everyday ordinary and finding that they are in-fact extraordinary. 


13 October 2017

travel trumps guide to majorca

Majorca Delights

Perched on the cold floor of Luton Airport, having fought for a small space among the hordes of summer revellers. I was contemplating what to expect from Majorca. We'd been to Menorca and loved it, the island was family friendly, easy to negotiate, with beautiful beaches and scenery, but Majorca, one of the most popular summer sun destinations in Europe? I was unsure. Thankfully, we were to be pleasantly surprised.



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